Thursday, June 2, 2011

Birthday Celebrations - Capturing Moments

   For some when they are stressed, they want exercise or a drink or shopping… I want chocolate, good chocolate.  And I want good chocolate when I’m hurting or tired or happy – or just in general… Yeah, what can I say, I like chocolate.  Birthdays are an excellent time to bring out the chocolate.  So, with a chocolate cake, and a blend of chocolate and vanilla ice cream, we celebrated my mom’s birthday.  Birthdays are wonderful things, even knowing that some pretend to be a younger age or a certain age and holding that.  But, they are a celebration of what was and a moment to consider what can or will be.  I have my own birthday coming up later this month.  And as those numbers add up, I want to celebrate each one. 
   I had a chance this last week to celebrate a birthday of a darling girl who turned eight.  Missing a lot of family birthday parties over my life due to living away, these times are extra special to me.  There were sounds of laughter, teasing of cousins, car sounds from little boys, and giggles from the little girls.  Three sisters moved through the room, with a special bond, even as others they loved were there celebrating with them.   I imagine that these three women have celebrated many birthdays together, complete with various forms of gifts, games, and foods.  Family moments are really so precious, even with families being messy things and made up of imperfect people.  But, in this time there was a celebration of this little girl and the joy of her life. 
   What a precious thing it is to stop and celebrate.  Life gets so busy that we can forget to celebrate the momentous passing times, and it can help to have these little stops sort of pre-built into our schedules.  Because the momentous times are often only lasting a moment and then it is gone and has moved on.  Grab the candles, the cupcakes, balloons, and your best singing voice; find the moment and celebrate it!