Thursday, November 3, 2011

Down the Side Streets

Driving through small towns, I think side streets are so interesting.  Main Street gets the focus, the chamber attention, and little groups of community involved spirit.  Beyond that main focal point, there are side streets.  They don’t get the same drive through focus, but have many other little indicators of town flavor.  Potted plants, picket fences, wreathes, and the last of the fall flowers are arranged around mailboxes and cars parked in driveways.  Even though the focal attention is on main street, the town’s story is played out on the side streets and alley ways.

Back in town, I drive past alley ways and side streets to get to work.  In the last few days of misty fall rain, as the leaves have been pasted to streets and miscellaneous objects, the roadways have taken on a special kind of painted appeal.  Driving to work yesterday, I thought about how the side streets of a little town are kind of like the stories in life.  Main Street is the public view, the part that is carefully arranged for the view of the world.  My make-up is on, hair is done, the right shoes, etc…   But, the side streets are where the stories are that make up the interest.  Some of them are full of the scent of sweet memories, the sounds of laughter, and the lights of many candles, wood fires, and Christmas tree lights.  There are a few of the side streets that are darker, tattered and have tissues instead of the bright leaves.  But, I am relentlessly cleaning those out, steadily and slowly installing lamp posts along the way.  There are side streets with music, singing and instruments.  Don’t enter that one unless you are prepared for song to be interrupting your conversation at any moment, and in public.
No matter whether it is Main Street or on the side street, it is good to know that I don’t travel them alone.