Monday, March 4, 2013

Musical Flavor Craving

I’m someone who thinks in music, and it often finds its way without me thinking about it, as I go humming down the hall or break out in song.   Often I can listen to a couple kinds of music and enjoy it immensely without feeling as if my musical “diet” is too limited.  Then, every once in a while a craving for a specific sound hits and I start pouring back over my supply to find it.  Last week, it was Benny Goodman and his orchestra.  Today, it was the clear voice of Alison Krauss, the harmony of Union Station, and the dobro that Jerry Douglas can make talk.  Jazz, folk, rock, rap, big band, orchestral, operatic, folk, carol, hymn, monastic, blues, swing, blue grass, French Cajun, and tunes from around the world attract my attention from time to time. 
 One genre of music flows into another, then another and then another.  Developments that occur over decades and centuries have left us with many combinations of music and immeasurable possibilities for future music.  I love not being limited by the style of music, and getting to explore many different genres of music.  I especially love hearing the connected parts in my head.  Not just the harmonies, but also the styles of one transforming into another; like an auditory stream that flows through different topography.  Worthwhile lyrics and melodic patterns have opened up a new world. 
We are going to be singing for a benefit for the Miracles Can Happen Boys Ranch in Wilton, IA soon.  It’s a great organization doing worthwhile things for boys that are in need of a home.   Discussion of what songs will be included is just starting and involves things like timing and style.  It’s a great chance to connect fellowship, music, and a great cause.  I’m looking forward to it, and if you are in the area, you are definitely invited (when we get the date set that is).  In the meanwhile, if you hear someone humming down the hall, it’s probably me thinking through a song.  Come on over and join in.