Thursday, June 18, 2015

Point and Counterpoint

I haven’t thought about the theories of point and counterpoint, as in musical structure, in a long time. If those are unfamiliar terms, think of a song's melody. The counterpoint occurs when musically a juxtaposition of a new melody is woven into and on top of the first. Without going into the weeds of canons, fourths and fugues; these two independent melody lines play together in a piece of music, each complimenting the other.

Yesterday evening out for a walk in this still deliciously cool June weather, I was enjoying the beautiful sky and the forming sunset. The shoots of pink and orange caught my attention as big audacious brushes of color fanned across the sky to create mammoth rays. It wasn’t for some time after admiring those bands of color that I noticed that there were much more subtle lines of blue crossing the rays. Independently there and yet part of the whole picture.

That was when it hit me - it is point and counterpoint! Two melodic views have been joined together to create one whole, each complimenting the other in an artistic God created vision of beauty.