Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Music for the Trip

I watched a lovely fall concert yesterday of the local high school choirs.  The kids did a great job, as did their conductors and pianists.  One of the group I was with mentioned something about how people don’t necessarily go through life like in a musical, a.k.a. they don’t burst into song in random public places.  But, don’t you wish they would?

Even right now as I write this, I am finishing my day with “Simple Love” by Alison Krauss and Union Station playing softly in the background.  Music is like breathing, melodies come without thought, harmony without the need for written lines.  My world has always had a component of music to it, and what a journey of music it has been.  High school concerts, it reminds me of my own days of rehearsal rooms and practices.  Don’t really miss the rehearsal rooms, and I greatly enjoy the church choir, (we can be a bit rowdy – I warn you now!).  But, this isn’t the music that is in the scheduled time frames, this is the random music.  I hear the melodies; I hear it in the laughter of those walking by.  I hear it in the flapping of the birds wings, the leaves patter as they fall, the sounds of friends laughing.

The music woke me up this morning in a softly falling rain.  How I love that sound, gently lyrical as they bring out the fall elements even stronger.  Leave me snuggled in the bed with my book and listening to that rain, or even better on a porch swing listening to the sounds.

Heading out on vacation so very soon, and here I am burning last minute CD’s of music.  I find myself thinking about what music I want to hear when the mountains come into sight.  The only thing I can think of is “How Great Thou Art”.  How could I but look upon that and see anything but the work of the Creator, and His impeccable sense of the beautiful.  The structure of the land, it is musical itself.