Sunday, October 9, 2011

Courage in Small Talk

I met a beautiful young mom yesterday, with a swath of blond hair that was just beautiful.  I admired this young woman, because she did something which to me took a lot of courage.  But, let me back up first and set the stage. 
It was a beautiful day yesterday, clear skies and warmer temperatures.  Yesterday was also our Fall Festival at church.  It is a way to give back to the community for their support over the year, with music, food, games, etc…  The young mom mentioned above came with her two children, a toddler and little boy.  She led them through the games, they ate, they participated.  But, unlike many others who really didn’t know anyone there – she really participated.  She was part, with a running stream of conversation, trying out different activities, introducing herself to others, and helping her children join in with the others. 
I admire this ability to jump into a situation, surrounded by strangers, albeit friendly ones, and make yourself at home.  I think that this is something which demands courage.  Oh, I can make small talk, (the food, the location, hobbies, and weather), the kind of talk that goes no deeper than the food on the table.  But, to stay and really go out of your way to meet people and join in, that is not something I’m sure I would have done. 
It is a skill I admire, and I do equate it with courage.  I think it is a quiet kind of courage, that allows you to jump in like that.  I watched with admiration yesterday, and it was a reminder to myself of how there can be a great joy in making that step.