Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tex “the Doggy” Walker

A little neighbor dog has visited us a few times.  His name is Tex Walker, a small black and white terrier with soft wiry hair.  As we were calling his people and then waiting for them to come, I couldn’t help but think of why Tex was out for a stroll on a drizzly day.  Being the name of Tex Walker of course made me think of a certain Walker, Texas Ranger television character.  And why would Tex Walker be out in the misty evening air?

So, I thought…

Squirrels were raiding the neighborhood, thieving varmints – chasing down walnuts and carrying them back to their winter stash.  They had been warned away by the law, but disregarded the warning.  So, Tex was sent out to deal them a final blow and stop their lawbreaking ways.  He chased them up one hill and down the next.  He followed their trail until he came to their secret hideout.  All alone, Tex made his way in stealthily to see what kind of mess was in his neighborhood.  And, with a flurry of activity, Tex scared off the desperado squirrels with a quick bark.  All was quiet once again as Tex restored the peace.

Okay – so maybe he was just a cute little dog out for a walk, exploring smells and sites.  But, isn’t imagination fun.