Thursday, September 1, 2011


Some of the best people watching, I think, occurs in airports.  People from all over the place from all over the place, crammed into long hallways with security, mechanical apparatus, and loud speaker announcements that I can only pick a few words out of.  With the last few days of travel, I had ample opportunity to watch people.  From the fellow that I was enviously aware of snoring away in the seat (I really was ready to get some sleep), to the little girl who thought of the terminal as her giant play ground, they all have a destination they are trying to get to.
Life can be an airport terminal at times, transferring from one motion path to another.  And, we may feel stuck in the layover (forever!!).  For example, the time with a bum knee felt kind of like being stuck in the airport.  But, the nice thing is that eventually whatever the cause for the pause in the travel, it finally changes and soon you are off the ground.  Then, you can admire the snores of a nearby traveler or watch the clouds as you are moving on.