Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sidewalk Notions

The smell of steak on a charcoal grill hit me while walking down the sidewalk.  While not ready to give up my car, I am enjoying my walks.  The pace, with the yellow lab pushing me to keep walking faster and faster, is much slower than in the car.  And, even with the windows down the many details from the walks are completely missed at even twenty five miles an hour down quite neighborhood streets.  Instead, here I am huffing and puffing down the sidewalk and focusing on the details around me and trying to distract myself from the sweat and the burning legs. 
Walking down the sidewalk, I am noticing obviously the above mentioned steak on the charcoal grill.  And the garlic bread a few houses down!!  Just not fair to have to walk like that and smell those wonderful things! But are other, less edible, smells like laundry being done and fresh cut grass.  Small trees dot the landscape, framed out by a few larger trees.  I’m always so grateful for the shade they offer. 
Sidewalks look so steady and constant at a blur as I pass.  But, I’m coming to realize the dips, the slight twists and holes that have been worn by weather and use.  Steps and porch swings frame front doors and landscaping.  Summer flowers mingle with the more persistent of the summer weeds, as well as the bushes of peonies that are past their blooms. 
As I walk past, I like to think about the people who may live here.  There are often children dotted about the path, on scooters and bikes, or running between houses and looking for their friends.  Dogs of all shapes and sizes like to bark their greetings.  Cats stretch out on porches and lie in wait in the flowers. 
The sidewalk is an interesting spot where there is much to see.  And smell – that charcoal grilled steak and garlic bread…. Yumm!