Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wedding Anniversary Roses

My parents celebrated their 37th wedding anniversary yesterday with cards, cake, roses, and memories.  Thirty seven years is a wonderfully long time, and my dad has a tradition of one rose per year as a gift.  So, thirty seven long stem red roses grace the table, making quite the floral statement of celebration.  I was thinking about those roses and how if each one could talk, what it would say about the year it represented.  I know there would be times when the talk would be about lean budgets, worries, sadness, and aches.  But, I think there would be much more clamor about laughter, learning, sacrifice, giving, and togetherness.  And that was a lovely thought to me.  Because, it is easy to become caught up in the moment, whether it is ecstatic or tragic, and start to feel as if this is our whole life.  And yet, it isn’t.  The moment passes.  The extreme pain fades as healing occurs.  The laughter till you ache fades to sweet memories.  Then new moments occur, each also vivid and bright in the mind. 

If each rose would hold the voice of a year, and if I would think about what this new year would contain, I hope that this would be a sweet voice.  That it would be one of great health, joy, and wisdom.