Monday, August 15, 2011

Surgical Orchestra and Set Free

I have heard of operating rooms described as theaters, but I think an orchestra might be a better metaphor.  The anesthesiologist, he tuned up the room like the first violinist.  The surgeon, the conductor that controls the speed, action, and movement of the procedure, moves medical tools rather than a baton.  From this theater comes music of healing. 

It’s been nearly two months now since knee surgery.  And today, I received my free and clear from the surgeon.  What a great way to start a week! 

As I left the doctor’s office, I started thinking about the last few weeks.  I thought about how I have been supported by my family and friends.  I thought about how just a few weeks ago I could not have handled walking a half mile, let alone three.  I was surrounded by the caring of family and friends, and felt like I had my own private nursing staff!  No one could ask for better care.  Today, walking around the neighborhood, sweating and puffing along, I was excited to think of the change that only a few months can bring.  I felt set free.