Thursday, May 9, 2013

Aunt Ruby’s Lasagna

On one of our girls road trips, my mom and I had the chance to visit my great aunt and uncle.  My Great Aunt Ruby served the most wonderful lasagna when we had the chance to visit her several years ago.  Placing the lasagna on the table, she put together an entirely lovely dinner with ease and grace.  “Aunt Ruby, can I have your lasagna recipe?  This is so good!”  She chuckled and told us of course.  Dinner passed and we were led into the kitchen.  I’m going to get the recipe – awesome!  Served with great love, I thought for certain that there would be some recipe card, stained with flour and tomato sauce, tucked in a recipe box on a shelf.  Instead, we were led to the trash bin and with great flair, Aunt Ruby pulled out the Stouffer’s lasagna box.  
Aunt Ruby taught me about some easy ways to serve a great meal and also be able to relax and enjoy the visit.