Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Getting Back into the New Groove

Vacation is over.  Wow, those are not happy words!  As glad as I am to see my pups, sleep in my own bed, and see all my friends, I’m still lingering over thoughts of vacation.  After clearing through e-mails, paper mail, and voice mails, I had my list of things to get done written out and am ready to start crossing things off of it.  I guess it’s time to get back in the groove of things.  Or, perhaps is it time to start a new groove? 

        Groove:  a : a fixed routine : rut; b : a situation suited to one's abilities or interests : niche      
        (according to a quick definition from Merriam-Webster).

As I look back at that definition and compare the provided words of rut and niche; I’m thinking niche sounds so much nicer.  If I am honest though, it is easy to slip into a rut of a groove, a fixed routine that is tough to break out of; even though it is a nice routine.  Doing the same thing over and over can lead to stagnation; when I think of stagnation, I think of a pond that is all green goo covered, not what I would like to describe my groove(a.k.a. routine)  as – yuck! 

So, I go on a trip and break out of my groove for a short time.  I have experienced new things, met new people, seen new sights, and had a new refreshing of my heart and mind.  Why should I take these new things and try to stuff them back into the same old groove?  I shouldn’t!  I need to get back into a new groove, one a little different for the experiences I bring with me.