Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Happy Belated National Dog Day

Lying at my feet right now is a darling fuzzy labradoodle named Eloise.  A happy pup that loves to cuddle and disdains getting her faced washed, and is one of several wonderful dogs that have been part of my life.  In honor of National Dog Day, I thought it would be fun to gather some of the lessons I have learned from these furry friends.

1.Loved ones should always be announced loudly and greeted with great enthusiasm.     2.Beware bunnies, they may really be ninjas in disguise and must be barked at or at least carefully monitored.     3.Enjoy quiet moments, taking time to smell the grass, the hydrant, the tree, and anything else that might have a smell.     4.When you are scared, get hugs from someone you trust. It helps.     5.Chores are more fun with helpers, especially when it involves doing dishes and digging holes.     6.Adventures are limitless outside the door, let’s go explore.     7.Choose gentleness and keep your temper, your bit being worse than your bark won’t necessarily solve anything.     8. No matter what, don’t chew up your favorite toy.     9.Empty toilet paper rolls are really treasures in disguise; there is limitless potential in such a little paper tube!     10.Big pickup trucks passing on the road can be noisy and scary, it’s really better to be riding in one.     11.The joy of seeing a friend doesn’t depend on how they look or are dressed, how much money they make or their job title – just be happy because they are there.     12.Play games, run fast and splash in the pool.     13.It’s easier to be brave when someone is brave with you.     14.If the fireworks are scary, bark back at them.     

15.Take naps, enjoy pillows, and snuggle.     16.Even if it sometimes sounds like gibberish, listen – it shows you care.     17.You have a personality; enjoy it, flaunt it, don’t even think about hiding it.     18.Drink lots of water – but not too much too fast, it upsets the belly.     18.Be gentle; when you smash the bug you are chasing, it doesn’t get back up again.     19.When you go away on a trip, you are missed – get ready for lots of love and hugs and kisses when you return.     20.Baby deer look like long legged puppies, they hop and run and are curious about the world around them.  Maybe we could be friends even if we are different.     21.Be faithful, sticking with each other through thick and thin.     22.The doctor’s office can be scary – go together and hold paws. And be on the lookout for treats – they have them!     23.Be present in the present. 
 24.Be curious. Does that little hoppy toad and the butterfly move? And, how many times can you run around the couch in circles before you get dizzy?     25.Hard work can be good stuff, especially when there is a treat, and an acknowledgement of a good job done.     26.Don’t watch scary movies alone – like the ones where there are 101 puppies…  There is a crazy lady in there!      27.Take care of each other, you may need help reaching that itchy spot or getting out the thistles.     28.Breathe deep, sigh good sighs, and stretch out your muscles; it’s not called downward dog for nothing. 

Eloise, Sierra, Buddy, Megan, Cole, Ginger, Bear, Mendy, Catie, Lady – they are all names that bring back memories of soft fur, happy tails, and lots of barking.  Take care of your dogs; they take such good care of their people.