Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Ever been for a long walk and it starts to rain? The rain gets harder and heavier, you are soon to be drenched. Wet, cold, and growing discouraged as you are growing wetter and walking quicker. Walking faster, growing wetter, you keep walking in hopes that your destination will somehow be approaching you at a faster rate and you can meet somewhere in the middle. Discouragement and frustration grows until you are starting to produce wetness of your own, tears and sweat to add to the rain.

Now, change the picture slightly. Instead of you walking alone, you are now walking with someone else. Your destination is not any closer, it is still raining. However, your friend comes along side with an umbrella, raincoat, and galoshes. Stopping to put on the raincoat and galoshes, opening up the umbrella, your friend slips her arm around you and starts walking with you.
Walking with you, it is so much easier to face the rain. We have a friend available to us who will do just this. He will come along side, provide a wonderful protection against the rain, and journey with you. He is faithful.