Friday, May 14, 2010

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, and It’s not superman?

Remember the old Superman movies, the Batman television show with the giant cartoon words scrawled across the screen, and the other myriad of comic book characters? Each of the characters, even with their moments of declaring that they just want to be normal, would not give up their very unique ability. And that is the key isn’t it? Unique! We all want to be something different, something super or unique, something that no one else is.

At the same time, and you have to love humanity for its dichotomy with this one, at the same time we crave and strive to be unique we also seek normalcy and blending in. We want to look like, sound like, and fit in (or at least feel like it). I just love how strange we are, such a jumble and wonderful puzzle.
Do I want to be unique? Sure I do. I loved the Bewitched show growing up, just wanting to wiggle my nose and have things clean up or move or be able to travel with a wave and a twitch. But it’s really much deeper than that, I want to be me, the me I was meant to be. I think that God must have realized that we would seek our unique and normal turns. That must be why we find people who we can relate to, to be friends with. That must be why we seek out people we can understand and understand us, or at least want to. On the other hand, it’s important to acknowledge that God did make us distinctive. Note that the life I have, the plans that God has for me are not the plans and life God has for you. He wants you to have something wonderful and specific for you!
We don’t really need to be Superman or Wonder Woman. Thank goodness! All those crazy schedules would kill my sleep patterns. But, to God I hope you find that you are already that unique and wonderful.