Saturday, May 8, 2010


Last weekend, while visiting a park, I stopped to watch the sheep as they were eating from their pan. The sheep were still covered with their thick winter wool. Covering them from wooly head to tail, the wool that had provided the thick covering of warmth through the winter, will not suit them over the summer.

I was reminded how the wool served as a protection for them as they most needed it, and then they need care for the spring and summer. There are times when I have needed an extra layer of wool. As there are difficulties or when life feels cold, that warmth is just what is needed. The wool of the sheep conforms to them perfectly, fitting their needs in a way that is designed specifically for them.
At other times, there are warmths and things to celebrate. The race that is being ran would be much to sweltering in a wooly blanket. At that time, the shepherd is needed to come and care for the sheep, removing the wool.
As God provides me a wooly blanket and also sheers it off – his timing and provision is always perfect.