Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Some life lessons are specifically addressed and others are woven into a persons’ nature with subtle shaping, until it is a normal reaction and not seen as unique. One of these valuable learned attributes is to always be looking for how you and I can better something for someone else. It was mentioned by journalist Marja Mills when she wrote about learning to wipe the bathroom sink off at a public restroom, just to leave it better for someone else. A simple act that only takes a few seconds led her to rethink this concept in a much bigger way and incorporate it more fully into her life.

Yesterday, I saw that lesson being taught to a young girl, from someone I am supposing is her mother. Coming out of a gas station/ Arby’s on a road trip, the girl tossed her napkin towards the trash can. It bounced across the top and landed on the ground on the other side. The little girl kept going, until she was pointed back towards the trash can and instructed to pick it up and throw it away. The lesson at the forefront seemed to be to pick up after yourself. But, it was also this bigger concept of making something better for someone else.

It really is a simple, but rather inspired, concept to be actively looking for how to better something for someone else. As I go about my day, I will be challenging myself to keep my eyes and ears open to what possibilities there might be to better something for someone else. I hope you join me.