Saturday, July 18, 2015

Celebrating Everything

I’m in Eastern Kentucky this morning, watching the fog roll off the hills like a thick blanket. The air is moist and there are sounds of people stirring below, as they set up for the Minnie Adkins Folk Art Day. The second annual holding of this day celebrates the woman who has made such an impact in the lives of folk artists here in Elliott County, and in many other places, Minnie Adkins. At 81, she is an active artist making many beautiful and fun pieces of art, inspiring others to share their art and creativity as well.

Last night was a cookout for those vendors coming to set up their tents and those who are staying here at the Little Sandy Lodge. For us, it was like a little family reunion as cousins came to visit. Such a sweet time to see dear people. But now, the quiet of the evening has been replaced with the occasional laugh, the sounds of tent poles tinging off of each other, Rubbermaid lids being unsnapped, cars driving in, and tables being unfolded. Soon, it will be the hum of voices and the timber of music that will echo off the hills behind me.

This is a day to celebrate. Celebrate the courage of following an idea and a dream, supporting it with hard work and determination, and sharing it with others. This is a day to celebrate the artists who are and are not in galleries and museums, both seeing something in their raw materials that has not been created yet. Family is celebrated today, getting to visit loved ones not seen often, but are dearly loved. As I watch vendors setting up, this is a day to celebrate partnerships and friendships, and the many hands that help these things work. It takes many hours of planning to carry this off; many hands working together. As our hostess said last night, today – we will celebrate everything.