Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Story Tree

Walking this evening, I took notice of the giant old tree which stands like a sentinel over the walking path. A home for generations of squirrels and birds; I wonder what stories that tree could tell. 

I’m sure it could tell of children learning to ride their bicycles along the walking path, going from wobbly and hesitant riders to pint sized dare devils. Dogs walking closely to their owner’s legs and obeying so nicely, as well as those who don’t walk so close and are “helping” to move their person down the path at a greater speed. People walking together, talking and laughing. Friends meet each other coming in opposite ways and pause to catch up. Sweethearts catching quiet moments, grey haired and still holding hands. 

But, this could have all happened today; if we could know the stories this tree knows, it would go back much further than this park. It would be overseeing rich farmland, and maybe prior prarie prior to the creation of this park. I imagine how an active farm was worked around this tree. Perhaps providing shade for the workers along the way.  

A small stream runs just down the hill below. Before the branches were so high, they would have been a great spot to hang wet things after playing in the creek, providing a place to dry off after cooling down on a hot day.

A very young tree could have been a marker on the horizon as transportation changed slowly from wagons to newly introduced automobiles, causing horses to start and chickens to jump. 

So many days of sunshine and rain, nights of star filled skies and flashes of cloud highlighting lightening; this tree has stood tall and seen it all. If we could know the stories, it could be a rich treasure of the beautiful memories of daily life.

I hope that tree is there for many more years, as a silent witness to the celebration of each day.