Monday, April 22, 2013

Pelican Season

They wing their way through the Mississippi River area once a year, as part of a migration pattern.  The American White Pelicans land here in Iowa for a short time and are beautiful to see.  I have been enjoying watching these pelicans fly about, showing off their bright white feathers against the dark brown of trees that have not leafed out yet.  Landing with amazing skill onto the river, I would see both large groupings of pelicans and individuals floating down the river. 

Last Saturday dawned bright and clear.  Sunshine at last!  I really wanted to go back and take pictures of the pelicans in the sunshine.  (Not that the cloudy days have stopped me).   But, where did the pelicans go?  The beautiful birds must have taken advantage of the beautiful day to travel along to another spot. 

I’m glad I didn’t wait for the sun to come out to take pictures.  Pelicans only stay for a short season.  Like pelicans, you can’t wait always wait for the perfect moment – sometimes you have to make the moment.