Monday, April 15, 2013

Standing in the Gap for Me

A horrible thing happened today in Boston, one or two or a small number decided to attack a much larger number through explosives and through fear.  On a day celebrating the patriots of Massachusetts, at an event that inspires many around the globe to strive for a lofty goal, this terrible thing occurred.  We don’t even really know the details yet.  We don’t really know yet what the fall-out will be, who will be held responsible, or what attempts to legislate a stop of evil intent this will inspire. 

What we do know is that it is in this, this war where the front line is anywhere and everywhere, that we all must take a stand.  We must all stand up and realize that though our methods and philosophies may not agree, we are not accepting this behavior.   Even more, we must not lose hope.  We are not alone in this, and this is not something unique in our time. 

Ezekiel wrote of how God, angered at the decisions that Israel was making, finally had had enough.  Intent on pouring out just anger against the terrible things that were occurring, in effect saying “stop” I have had enough.  Even then, at the moment of anger, God looked for someone among the Israelites who could “stand before him in the gap.”  He was looking for a way to save them.

Today, we have someone to stand in the gap.  Jesus stands in the gap!  So that even when horrors occur, terrible tragedies; we do not have to lose hope.  Someone stands in the gap for me and wants to for you as well.  In the everyday neighborhood trenches, in the meeting rooms, classrooms, and commuter trains; in the births, marriages, and deaths; in the tragedies and in the triumphs.  

Ezekiel 22