Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Logo Says Relax

I am sitting in the lobby at the Hampton Inn in Norfolk, Nebraska, working on relaxing.  Working on relaxing, it seems like a paradox but it can be hard to slow down.  Coffee and yogurt beside my computer, a comfy couch to sit on, and complimentary Wi-Fi; it would seem that relaxation would be a no-brainer.  But, when I run at a certain speed for so long, I find it difficult to slow down and really relax.  Life gets busy, obligations and events pile onto the calendar and create pyramids of ink on carefully marked up days.  They are great obligations and events, things I want to be at and participate in.  When you live by a calendars (yes that is with an s), and a clock, it can be hard to change pace.  Vacation, much wanted and looked forward to, is finally here!  Packing up yesterday, farewells were said to the pups and hellos said to the road.  With the final destination of South Dakota in mind, it was a good day to start the process of relaxation.

But this is vacation – it is all about pace change!  Yesterday, at a rest stop in Nebraska, the grasses were being caught by the wind and whispering a soothing song that speaks of a quiet earth, coming alive with spring growth.  Birds fluttered in and about a pine tree, adding a flutter of soft rhythms to the ongoing syncopated grass percussion.  The land is being worked, prepared for a new year of growth.  The newness of leaves is punctuated by their softness and beautiful bright green color.  I stopped and tried to take this in, breathe in the sounds and smells and sights; as if imbibing myself with the waking up song of the deep bones of the earth, the slow and methodical process of spring.

I started with mentioning the hotel here in Norfolk.  It’s very nice by the way, clean and a friendly staff.  Without my normal alarm clock of the puppy jumping on me to go out, I was still wide awake by the normal time and debated how to and if to go back to sleep.  I gave up, came on down to the lobby.  It’s my first day to sleep in a bit, and no sleeping in takes place.  But that’s okay, it takes time to relax and unwind.  And here at the hotel, I am reminded of that word, “Relax,” in logos on coffee cups, soap, and general branding materials. 

I think I will thank you very much!  That way I can look forward to jumping back into the events on the calendar with new energy.