Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Who We Are - Siblings

I was recently introduced to the world of Duck Dynasty, the family show on A&E.  After several hours of laughing at the antics of this family, I have grown to appreciate how honest they are as a family and how much they value their culture of “redneck-isms”.  I think it’s pretty brave to open up your business life to a camera crew, let alone your family life, to those who are going to watch and comment – like I am.  One of the things I noticed that the employees on camera are also sitting with them at the dinner table, family meal times.  These people have become more than employees – they are kin. 
I’m an only child.  When I was a little girl, I used to tell people that my mom was going to get me a baby brother or sister.  That didn’t happen quite as I had planned as a child.  But, over the years God has placed people in my path that have become family.  Though not blood relations, I have been blessed with two sisters and two brothers.  I cannot tell you the joy and comfort it is to have this network in my life, especially when going through hard times or wanting to share the great moments.  There are distinct memories that go along with each of these people.  And the blessing only grows as I get to watch their children grow up and be part of those lives as well.  Singing together, cooking together, talking and laughing until my voice is gone, just hanging out, checking on each other, going to school events, helping support each other and be there for each other.  An only child, away from the main body of family most of my life can be lonely, especially when we moved.  This group has been a comfort to me in many ways.
Kin is important, whether or not they are blood relatives.  They add a new dynamic to my life.  They are there when I need them, and I want to be there when they need me.  And hey, I finally got my desire that I used to tell the store clerks – I have sisters and brothers! And that means a niece and two nephews to love on as well!