Monday, January 20, 2014

Intentional Dreamer

Today is Martin Luther King Day, a fitting day for being a dreamer that is intentional in the dream.  Many of us know a few words of that famous speech, “I have a dream.”  I encourage you each to go back and read that worthy text.  This is no miscellaneous thought, a wisp of a passing moment.  This was a dream that was thought through to an ending, pictured in what it would look like in completion.  There are other dreamers, worthy movers of thought that is contagious to the rest of us because we can grasp both the dream and what the end result’s impact could be.
  • John F. Kennedy spoke the words and a dream shared by many became reality in the next decade in the exploration of space.
  • Florence Nightingale dreamed of making a difference.  She changed the view of women in the medical profession and was viewed as a woman of mercy on the battlefield, where she tried to save wounded soldiers.
  • Thomas Edison had the dreams of an inventory, and beyond the light bulb filaments, his impact on technology we use today was phenomenal.  You probably have heard of what some of the modern offspring of those inventions are – movies, music recordings, and of course electric lights.
  • Helen Keller found the dream of communication with the world, reaching out of what was her solitary prison to share herself and show others that it could be done.
  • John Bunyan, tinker turned author, spent time in English prisons in the 1600s for his preaching without a license.
  • Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine was queen of two countries, and had two of her sons to go on and be kings of England.  Her politics influenced Western Europe through generations. 
  • Rosa Parks let her tired feet and hopeful heart dream of sitting in a seat on a bus without being forced to the back or off due to skin color.
  • Jesus Christ shared a dream of peace, grace, and hope for the world.  His words still calm our soul, lift our hearts, and set our feet once again on truth and hope through his sacrifice.
  • Malala Yousafzai, not even 20 years old, has a dream for the girls of her country of Pakistan and across the world to receive educations and have rights. 

My list could go on and on.  There are millions more who have had dreams.  They have had dreams of raising their children and breaking out of poverty, for beating a disease, for attaining the goal, for meeting their potential, for helping others meet their potential.  Dreams have been set for goals that seem widely unattainable at the time, and now are a normal part of life.  Today is a good day to be reminded that dreams are powerful and important.  Dream big, dream intentionally and put action with those dreams.  Share your dreams and let others capture the vision.  Take a seat, give yourself a moment to let your dreams take flight; who knows what else can be accomplished!