Monday, September 21, 2009

Are there Monsters in the Refrigerator?

I was talking to my dear friend tonight, and in the background sounds, much to my delight, I could hear her little boy talking. He was announcing with great confidence that there were no monsters in the refrigerator.

“No monsters in the refrigerator mommy. No monsters in the closet.”
I found myself laughing and could feel the wheels turning at the same time in my head.
Later on, she shared that sometimes he will ask at bedtime if there are monsters.

“No, no monsters.”

The reply comes, “are there ghosts?”

“No, no ghosts.”


I love that – a little boy’s faith in his mom and dad. Mommy and Daddy are there, they say there are no monsters in the closet, so the closet is okay. They say there are no ghosts, so again all is okay. Such trust – the simple and yet powerful act of faith.

Lord, would you please take care of any monsters in the refrigerator or ghosts in the closet. And, by the way – thanks for being on guard duty tonight so I can sleep. You really do give good gifts.