Saturday, September 19, 2009


This blogging thing is obviously very new for me. I decided to jump in and make the leap as a combination of a recent ankle injury which has me sitting with one leg laying up on pillows as if a fairy tale prop and the other that I love to write. A recent conference also spoke to the importance of understanding this new, and rapidly world changing, technology. Yes - world changing technology. I think it's incredible! I mean, we have gone from a world that was mainly stationary to one where we move across oceans, talk with virtual neighbors that can be nine time-zones away, and skype with our friends and family. How cool is that!!!

Anyway, the leg injury.... you know, I wish I had some great story. I have had several suggested to me, bar fight, attacked by trainer gone wild at a conference, crazed Parliamentary guard attacks.... Unfortunately, the real story is not quite so much fun. There are these beautiful sidewalks in Ottawa, stones that are very precisely laid out. Unfortunately, the heel of my brown pumps slid into one of those crevices between the stones. And woosh! I went down. Let me just say - air casts are wonderful! I made it back, through the conference, through customs, through security, through a layover with an air cast and largely due to the kindness of people around me.

You know, I think we all have moments when we ask who our neighbors are. Love my neighbor? Sure - I have great neighbors! But, is my neighbor just the person that the house is near? I was made a neighbor to people I had never met before, who live in a different country than I do. They went above and beyond over and over. Go find your neighbors - they just may be half way around the world, or just around the corner.