Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Power in Words

Words, have you ever heard them declared in some TV movie – words have power. But, there is some truth in all of that digital information. Words do have power. Speak with wholesome talk, speak with uplifting words… I’m instructed in words to be wise with and wary of words. Do my words really have power, do they really impact? If they do, do I not need to be careful with them and think it through before I speak?

I think words do have power. The power to lift, to strike, to cut, to love, to caress, to teach, to tear, to heal, to act lives in the breath and sound of their pronouncement. I’ve been lifted by words until it is all I can do to not skip around the place like some silly and enthusiastic little girl. I’ve been cut by words that strike at me, slicing me and leaving me bleeding. But those are the words to me – my words back, those are my responsibility.

It would be so easy sometimes to strike back, to cut and wound intentionally. Sarcasm and disdain oozing off of the words like some slime that can leave a trail of reeking excrement. But, gentleness can turn away wrath acting like a fire extinguisher and cooling a heated moment.

Words can last thousands of years and linger in the consciousness of a culture. What words in a legacy am I leaving? What air will I breathe into being through sound?