Saturday, May 21, 2011


   I have friends that have just had a new home built.  It has been so exciting watching this house take shape, all from a solid foundation.  It is a good reminder to me the importance of a foundation.  I can’t even pretend to know a lot about construction, but it just makes sense that what you start with at the lowest and earliest level will be what is built on later.  That lowest and earliest level must be strong to allow for the future growth to be strong as well.  Imagine building on Jell-O or feathers.  I could create walls of Jell-O (well maybe not me but someone), but as soon as the house is built on it, the foundation would split, smash, and fall. 
   People need foundations as well.  We need solidity and structure to build our lives on.  With graduation approaching, I think about the foundations that many students have been provided.  Some of the foundations are pudding at best, and the students are toddling out in a wobble to their new stage of life.  Others have had a solid foundation and as will continue to grow with strength.  I think of the foundation I have been provided in my own life and am quite thankful.  I had parents who invested their caring, time, energy, and wisdom.  There have been those who have lent their ear, shoulder, feet, laughter, and strength as well.  We must reach out and help build these foundations, investing in the generations to come.