Friday, May 13, 2011

Spring Porch Sitting

    My green plastic chair sits on the front porch and my feet are rested up on the porch post, causing the chair to tip back just a bit to the perfect angle.  With the sun shining, a book in my lap, and the quiet around, I find one of my favorite parts of spring.  It is in the quiet of human sounds, and the increase of the nature sounds around me.  Winter’s quiet gives way to the noise and riotous color of spring as if the very bubbling of life is something that cannot be held back. 
   I sit there, to take it in and read when I remember.  I breathe deep and smell the purple smells of lilac, the light fragrance of green leaves, and warming smell of soil.  A chickadee grand stands from the tip of a tall pine tree.  Chest puffed out, it rills it’s song and sings loud and sweet music.  The notes are intricate and the music seems so large from such a tiny bird. 
   Another page in my book is turned and then I watch the dogs splash about in their kiddy pool.  “Splash Sierra!”  becomes a common cry over the summer on the porch.  She will send water flying behind her, creating a mini tidal wave in a green plastic pool.  Her dark eyes are happy with this first splashing time of the year.  Personally, I think the water is still quite cold and will wait for the sun to warm it.  So, I skirt her splashes for now, and help her stay pointed towards me, and the water away.
   There is just so much to see I can hardly stand to read my book.  Nestling down into my chair, feet up, Diet Pepsi by my hand, and my book resting on my lap, I feel myself warmed by the sun.  I try to soak up the heat, the smell, the feel of spring.