Monday, May 16, 2011

PT Lessons

   I have been participating in physical therapy for quite some time now, a couple of months at least (though it feels longer than that to think back on it).  Can’t say that I have problems with going, I like the people and they are really working on hard on strengthening my leg.  But, I will admit when I missed a few weeks, that I quickly slipped into missing my “homework” routine on home exercises.  I meant to do them, but it seemed like that the business slipped up on me and soon I was heading to bed and well, shucks another day without PT. 
   What has surprised me as I’ve jumped back on the bandwagon is how quickly the strength that was being built up has diminished.  I’m not talking years here, or even months… two weeks!  And equally surprising is that it is also being built back up quickly.  It’s not that it takes a long time to do the exercises; it’s just a matter of doing them, and then reaping the benefits. 
  I think Bible study is much the same.  If I stay exercising my heart, mind, and spirit in the Word, then those muscles grow and current strength becomes stronger.  I learn to rely on God’s strength in new ways and His strength is just phenomenal.  But, if I let the study lapse, take a break that turns into a vacation that turns into a hiatus and then a permanent change, then those “muscles” become weak from lack of use.  I need to be disciplined in my studies AND in my PT. 
   Oh well, one is done, the next is coming up here in just a few minutes.