Thursday, July 22, 2010

Are You My Mother

My mom has been joking around lately and I have laughed and warned her several times that she might just end up on the blog. She asked me earlier this week if I were an alien… Thus, here we are.

Actually it was kind of a funny conversation that I can remember bits and pieces of now. My badge for work doesn’t like me. Really! It will stay activated for maybe a month or so before it dies some sort of electromagnetic card death and go ka-put. That is mildly inconvenient. So, I have to ask for a replacement. After going through about five of these cards, I have come to just keeping the card in a bag and avoiding touching it. It has now lasted almost two months.
So, if I make key cards not work, am I an alien? Or the better question is – since she is my mom, is she an alien? And of course, she wanted to know what planet I would be from if I were an alien. Not Mars, it’s too hot. Saturn has beautiful rings. I am especially fond of Orion and Andromeda. Maybe it’s a place in one of those galaxies. Perhaps I should ask for the family genealogy of alien-ness and figure that out.
Be careful – you may just wind up in a blog. And it may be about aliens.