Sunday, July 11, 2010


I have wondered, only occasionally, what time looks like. In my mind, it takes a hodgepodge shape, kind of like the joke about how camels were made. You know the joke, it’s a horse made by committee. I don’t think time is a horse or made by a committee, but I do think that it’s a strange blend of parts. Part leopard because it can go so quickly that you can’t keep up. Part owl as it is stealthy and moving when you don’t even notice that it is passing. Blend in a few roller coasters for up and down moments, and the thrill of the climb, and the hurdle of the slide down. A kaleidoscope for eyes, because the look of things changes over time, and the perception of time itself changes over time. A nail and a hammer is in one hand, as time holds you in place and it can be painful. But, in the other hand is a bandage because time can also heal. Time is such a strange creature, changeable and speeding and then crawling.