Saturday, July 17, 2010


It hit a heat index of 122 this week! One hundred and twenty two very hot degrees! Walking up the hill from the office to the car, I smiled and felt my cheeks touch the rims of my sunglasses. Even the rims were hot! Sitting down in my car, I turned on the air conditioner full blast. It wasn’t until I actually pulled in that that air started to cool down. I stepped into the house and it felt so good. What a wonderful invention air conditioning was.

I wonder what the reaction was when people first started working on air conditioning, or any other invention. I know some inventions, many rather, have met with resistance and speculation. Others were welcomed openly. Some have passed through so quickly that we may not have even realized that there was a change occurring.
One generation sees an invention and it is something new and strange. The next may be seeing the third or fourth generation by-product and the initial invention is now out-dated. How wonderful is it that the inventors have pressed on, taking risks of failure, and came up with such creative things. Who would have imagined – a machine that cools the air. On days of 122 heat index – thank heavens!