Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Celebrating the Differences

I know someone who is so gifted in the kitchen. She can look at a pantry full of raw ingredients, mix them together, and come up with a wonderful concoction. Another one is so talented in the area of writing. His ideas come across the page clearly and I can practically smell and taste the different things that he describes. Another can take a guitar and make it talk; he can somehow transform the wood and string of the instrument into a creation of sound.

No matter what the strength or ability is, it is so nice to be able to celebrate these differences. There are different ways to think about this. A natural tendency may be to look at someone else and think that you are not as good at that, therefore worth less. Take for example, my friend, who can make something delicious in the kitchen and then shares it with those around her. I could look at this and think that I am not as gifted in this area and resentful. But, instead I want to be in her kitchen, I do enjoy the smells and tastes that are there, though not nearly as much as the fellowship and fun we have chopping, slicing, and talking. I want to sing with the cousin and uncle who can play a guitar, making it sing and talk, dance and walk. I cannot play a guitar, but I love to sing along.
There are so many different capabilities that people have. I want to celebrate the differences.