Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Post Fourth of July Observations

I enjoy the Fourth of July. The food, music, fireworks, and parades all based around this day. This year, I walked in a parade, helped host a “Bond fire” bonfire, and seemed to spend an inordinate amount of time cleaning. Today, I head back to work and my normal schedule, happy to get back into the routine – and will need to recover from the weekend, which really was fun. I just had to jot down a few things, observations from the fourth of July.

1. Children who dress as Mark Twain’s Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer with little stick fishing poles and rubber worms are really cute. Especially, when they stick the stick into a truck’s hub cap.
2. When throwing children candy in a parade, it’s important to have quick reflexes. There were some I was sure that were going to gnaw on my leg if a sugar rush did not come their way quickly.
3. There are multiple methods to getting this candy in parades. Some are to have little children who have no clue that there is candy coming dressed really cutely. Screaming caaaannnnnddddy is another, though probably overused. Others try the polite approach, Candy Please – Thank you. A cardboard sign that said, Throw Candy Here was probably the most original.
4. Adults and elderly people like candy as well – don’t forget them.
5. It’s just not the fourth without the Boston Pops on TV. If you turn it up really loud, you can pretend that you are there.
6. Hamburgers are required fourth of July cuisine.
7. Little girls in crepe red, white, and blue dresses are really cute and really do require lots of pictures to be taken by parents.
8. People talk more when it is dark and there is a nice fire. I’m not sure why, but a fire seems to be just a different atmosphere.
9. Small and large towns across the entire country were lit up with fireworks and sparklers, I’m sure it would have been beautiful from the sky.
10. It’s a fun holiday – I need a weekend to recover from my weekend.