Sunday, January 2, 2011

In Tune

   I grew up singing by ear, where written music was optional and the harmony just came naturally. Some songs the parts were and are so distinct in my mind that I didn’t even need to have someone sing lead out loud, I could just hear it. Now, I love for people to sing and be comfortable with joining in no matter what their voice is like. It’s really all about making a joyful noise and not all about the beauty of a particular voice. But, if I’m listening to someone perform, yeah, I’ll admit that I prefer that the singer be on key. There was someone singing the 1938 hit “I’ll Be Seeing You,” and as she hit the words her voice slide off the tone into a misplaced flat. Wow, my entire focus of the beauty of the tune and the farewell in the words shifted to the notes. Being in tune can be so important or the entire focus will be lost.

   Life can be much the same way. Our choices are the notes on the page. We decide where the pitch will land. When we slide off of our notes, we find the joy slipping and growing ragged. We have to pitch back up or down to find the correct note. In the meanwhile, we can forget the words and be drawn into the sourness of the tones. Pitch back up and remember the words, keep your heart and choices in tune with God’s love. Let your song be a beautiful one.