Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sidewalk Footsteps

   A winter day in Iowa, sunny and cold, and I found myself walking to my car for a quick lunch trip home. The sidewalks have been covered these last few days with a mixture of snow and ice, scraped clean, and then covered again. Today, I noticed that a smattering of tracks had been left on the sidewalk where boots and shoes had picked up the snow and left it on the sidewalk.

   I liked seeing that collection of prints, different sizes and walking patterns. And I started wondering about the people who made the prints. Where were they going, were they hurrying, or strolling and enjoying the sunshine? The prints reminded me of that Footprints poem, which is a beautiful reminder of how God walks beside us and with us, even when we don’t know it.
   We each leave footprints in the world around us. Memories and impacts on the people around us; while they impact us as well.