Saturday, January 1, 2011


   Hello new year, welcome and happy arrival! As the new year is going to be ushered in, I am looking forward to quiet evening with the family. Right now, if I look over my shoulder, I can see a blond lab face snoozing along quiet content. A black lab is laying dreaming next to my leg and a chocolate is a little farther over. It’s not the exciting hotspot of entertainment that some others will have, no ticker tape parades, no fireworks and crowds of party goers. I’m okay without all the noise and excitement, but still want to recognize the ending of one year and the beginning.

   One year ends, three hundred and sixty five days that have come and gone. I can’t change them, can only remember them and grow from them. Now, a new year begins. As the year begins, I wish you many days of deep belly laughs that are so strong they bring tears to your eyes and make your ribs ache. I hope you have friends who love fiercely and with great loyalty. I pray that you find God finding you, and that your heart aches for God’s presence. May your lessons be easy and your learning be swift. I hope that there is a hand to hold when yours is empty, and that your hand can reach out to someone else when needed. Most of all, I pray you experience grace, peace, and faith. Happy New Year!