Monday, January 3, 2011

Recognizing, Thanking, Remembering

   Yesterday, a tragedy occurred when in a time of terrible events Deputy Sheriff Hopper and Patrolman Blum were shot. Deputy Sheriff Hopper lost her life yesterday as someone acted in a truly monstrous way. These officers that go about their jobs of protecting us serve an often thankless role. We grumble when they stop us for speeding or lights that are out, complain when we are inconvenienced and moved away from a dangerous area or to the edge of the road when they drive through. We run away from the gunfire, from the accident scenes, and the fires. The vast majority of us have never been into the war zone of either military scenes or of domestic ones.

   So in honor of Deputy Sheriff Hopper who gave up her life yesterday and Patrolman Blum who was wounded – thank you. Thank you for your work. Thank you for keeping our homes, streets, and cities safer. Thank you for donning the responsibility of your at times distasteful tasks, the fireman’s mask, the medic’s kit. Thank you for hands that become dirty with sweat, blood, frustration, and tears. We do not often stop to thank you, to recognize your actions.
Thank you.