Friday, January 21, 2011

Simeon’s Bucket List

   Do you remember the movie that came out several years ago, about two men who were approaching their deaths. They decided that there were things that they wanted to do, a list of things prior to (sorry for the cliché) “kicking the bucket.”

   It’s not really such a bad idea to have a list of goals, of desired accomplishments in a life. But, what should that list look like? What should I put on there? It struck me yesterday morning, kind of an out of the blue thought, that Simeon had an excellent bucket list.
   Simeon was a man who lived in Jerusalem and was waiting to see the Messiah before dying. This was not just the top thing on his list – this was his list. What an amazing concept, of making seeing Jesus your bucket list. What would the side effects be? If our true focus and goal is to see Jesus, then I believe we would see numerous unexpected changes in our lives. Our perspectives would shift, our choices would change, slowly but surely our ideals and ideas would come into line with God’s will. We would start to experience peace, joy, and love in new and wondrous ways.