Friday, November 6, 2009

Postures of Prayer

I love sitting down with close friends, the kind where you all talk at once and still manage to figure out what’s going on.  You laugh and cry, are free to be yourself, be goofy, and be honest.  Movies, pizza, hands sticky in bread dough, sweating on workouts, romps through fountains, celebrations, mourning - it is all easier and better with a good friend by your side.  The talk isn’t always heavy, but it is meaningful. 
When I spend time in prayer, I feel like I’m having my friend time with my Abba Father.  Just like any friendship, I need to do my part to keep it strong and healthy.  If we have a disagreement, I need to go to my friend and make it right.  It’s important for communication to stay open, both listening and talking.  This precious time with God, is spent time in prayer and I love the idea of a prayer closet.  For me, it is under the covers tucked in bed and my Bible resting on my knees.  It is the quiet time, away from the hustle of the day when I can spend time in prayer.  You know, the thing about prayer postures is there are so many ways that I can stand, kneel, sit, and supplicate myself, listening and sharing with God.  But, wonderfully enough, and as much as I love my prayer closet time, I can also spend time with God in the midst of the store, at work, on a walk, or even preparing for a retreat. 
How wonderful it is to have time with the Almighty God!  How amazing that He would spend time with me!