Monday, November 30, 2009

Profound Eloquence of Silence

Some words have great power, orators present their speeches and presentations.  But at times, it is in the silence that God is moving and preparing. 
Have you ever felt that your prayers were just bouncing off the ceiling?  I have.  Where are you God?  That may be a cry that your heart knows all too well.  When I feel that way, I find myself reaching for my Bible and seeking out the story of Hannah and the story of Esther.  Hannah poured out her heart to God, grief to the point of sickness.  Esther was a woman who’s people faced execution and she herself would have been included in that terrible act.  In the days between when God clearly communicated and when the problem was found out, there was quiet. 
How Hannah and Esther must have felt when God was working behind the scenes to prepare them and everyone else for the next step. 
Another heart that heard quiet was Mary.  After the angel made the announcement that she would become pregnant with the son of God, she had approximately nine months of quiet time from God.  What did Mary think of in the quiet, did she ever question, worry, anticipate, hope, etc….?  Yet, in the silence, God was there – Mary, Hannah, Esther, they were never alone.  God was not being absent or forgetful.  He was moving behind the scenes, quietly preparing, speaking; whispering hope and peace in each moment. 
If you are wondering where God is, if the silence is achingly loud – take comfort that God is not absent.  He is working to prepare you for what is coming next.