Monday, December 7, 2009


 I am ready for snow.  I know quite a few people who would groan and argue, vigorously declaring that snow should either be reserved for Christmas Eve through New Years Day.  But, I love snow!  Now, let me put my disclaimer in that I am not a fan of ice, slush, sleet, or the yellow snow…. just the clean white snow, made of mounds and mounds of snowflakes.
Each flake is unique, that is what people have said for quite a while.  I guess that that is a fact which I have accepted without a lot of thought before. Pausing now to ponder that raw fact, the enormity of it hits.  Ever snowflake falling is different?  The statistics say that there are about 500,000 different snowflakes in each square foot of snow.  That is billions of snow flakes in very short order.  Incredible! 
Now – adding an extra layer, here is an added dimension of amazement!  God knows about each individual snowflake.  He can keep them all straight, knows the differences, and how many total fall each year.  Incredible isn’t it?
So, I’m ready for snow – it’s a miracle of unique creation that we are rewarded to witness each year.