Monday, June 21, 2010


I remember as a little girl my mom saying that I was going to meet my new cousins. I don’t remember even thinking twice about it, “okay.” From that day on, they were no more and no less family than anyone else that was family. I am an only child and figure out I get to have at least one good oddity just because I’m forced to be the oldest, youngest, and middle – all at one time! As an only child, most people assume that I have a small family. Wow, are they wrong. My family is large enough that I’m not sure how many people it actually entails – yes, I’m serious.

The thing about family is that it is very important to me. It has grown and changed over the years. There have been new babies to hold, that smells like talcum powder and spit up on you at least once. There are good-byes that have been said, with many tears as funerals are performed and the family gathers in once again to give and get support. I think about the people who have become family, “kin” who are truly family now. I’m so thankful for them!
One of these people I have been remembering is like a sister to me. As the fourth of July approaches, the sounds of the patriotic songs bring back thoughts of sitting in Pensacola listening to the orchestra. Family is important to me. They can be loud and different, but somehow in the midst of the craziness – I fit in.