Friday, June 25, 2010


I was mowing last Saturday and well, we haven’t had much sun. So, in my moment of inspiration to get a dose of Vitamin D, I doused my ball cap with water and headed out. Sunscreen? No, I want that vitamin D. Bedsides we have had buckets and buckets of water pouring from the sky lately, so the sun felt good. Tennis shoes, shorts, tank top and a water bottle in my pocket… out I went.

       A couple hours later, in I came…
With a sunburn! I didn’t notice it then, but by that evening, I was slathering my arms in aloe lotion. How I didn’t just have a semi-permanent green cast to my skin by then, I don’t know. Now, it’s been nearly a week and the peeling has begun. Yes, it’s kind of gross. But, it really hard not to just peel of those little strips of skin, then wish for a microscope to see it better. I do have the good grace not to peel in public. But, if I put on a sudden burst of speed, I’m sure I would leave a small cloud of skin cells in my path.
Okay – next time, sunscreen!