Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Super Hero

I will readily admit being fan of super hero movies, especially the classic batman with the cartoon words like POW and BAM that flash across the screen. But, even the more recent movies like The Shadow and the Phantom are something I enjoy. There is something so enjoyable about the idea of someone who is gifted with a special ability and then goes about intense training to learn to fully use the skills for the betterment of society.
Two little boys were playing in the nursery at church last Sunday. Amidst play dough and sand box toys, I overheard a conversation. These two little boys were discussing how they were going to be super heroes when they grew up. It would have been the epitome of un-cool to coo over them at that moment and declare them both “the cutest little super hero boys,” so I restrained myself. But, I loved the conversation none the less.
I loved how these two fair haired boys were discussing this with calm and candid confidence. Not yet old enough to have had their dreams of super hero professions dashed by reality and grown up knowing in that those things do not really exist. Instead, I hope those boys do become super heroes. I hope that they realize that they have been gifted with special gifts, unique to them and their purposes set upon them and in them by God. Most likely, these gifts will not come with special suits and masks, thought at that moment it would inspire another burst of really cute-isms that the boys would probably declare is gross.
The thing is, is that it reminded me that we tend to declare some gifts or skills more special than another, but each are important! We should all aspire to be a super hero. I know I want to (especially if there is a cool car and cape that comes with the job)!