Saturday, June 19, 2010

Weak Strength

Someone commented to me the other day that she knew she was weak. Weak? I felt the frustration rise to the top - you are not weak! What a lie that is. What a lie we are fed, when we are stuck in moments of indecision and paralyzed with fear. There is a little voice that creeps in. “You are weak…” You know what is weak? Weak is someone who victimizes someone else. Weak is someone who bullies. Weak is someone who uses words to cut and slice and hide behind, especially if it laying guilt and blame on. Weak is not taking responsibility.

Strength, this woman, this friend is incredibly strong and brave. She doesn’t know it. That makes me sad. She doesn’t realize it and that makes me sad. She is being fed lies that she is weak, and that makes me mad. Women who go about their life, doing what they have to to make each day work, they are displaying strength. Women who can display grace under pressure cookers of life are displaying strength. Women who put a child’s needs first are displaying a strength. Women who can laugh and cry, sometimes at the same time are displaying strength. It takes strength to rely on others, to ask for help, to admit that something is hard. It takes strength to step out and decide to face each day – one day at a time.
If you know a woman today who thinks she is weak, give her a hug and help her find her strength.