Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Light in Your Eyes

I had an eye exam yesterday, just a yearly check of eye health. I can’t say that I mind going, I happen to like seeing clearly. They have all sorts of very cool tools, one of which is a camera that takes pictures of your eyes. The photos were taken, one for each eye and then they quickly downloaded onto the computer screen sitting on the nearby desk. Each photo looked something like the sun. There were areas that reminded me of where solar flares shade different colors, where veins of burning lights flash across the star.
Have you ever heard someone talk about the light in their eyes, the brightness of their personality and spirit, energy and drive? I can’t say that I normally consider that it really does look a bit like a sun in those same eyes. There are lots of parallels like that out there, light in your eyes with eyes that look like suns, daisies that have centers that look like tiny stars, fireflies that dance light filled dances in the grasses of summer.
Look for the light in someone’s eyes, for the light around you. It’s a beautiful thing.