Sunday, June 6, 2010

For Such a Time as This

The queen, decked out in the beautiful garments, hair done, poised on the moment of destiny – for “such a time as this.” The cry was a rallying one for Esther, but it can be for me too.

Going back to Ohio and Kentucky always leaves me a bit off balance. After moving into different areas as I was growing up, I appreciate having a clear idea of where the grocery store is, that my pharmacist knows my name, a church, good neighbors, and enough understanding of where things are at that I can navigate through the area. But my extended family is around eight hours away. Which has led me to ask God many times, “Why am I in Iowa?”.
The thing about it, is that I don’t really feel that I can leave right now either. I have a good job, friends, a life here. Most days I don’t even think about it, but every once in a while I miss people and think how far they are. So, why Iowa? What if the answer is as simple as “For such a time as this.” Of course, this means that there is more than a mere implication that a purpose and plan are behind life. What a wonderful thing it is to have a plan and a purpose, for a time that is important.